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The video below is a great introductory explanation of QR code basics and the "how to" directions.

Learning in Hand #25: QR Codes from Tony Vincent on Vimeo.

FREE QR CODE GENERATORS - easy QR generator to send you to a website link. - Use this QR generator to connect a code to a message you create.

QR Hacker - personalize a QR code with images, words, etc., and even create a qr code to instantly add your contact information to someone's smart phone.

QR Voice - type text, create a QR code, scan, and a computer voice reads the text you typed! Great for station directions!

QR - Free QR code generator and QR code online creator. Create QR codes ready to save and/or print.

Unitag - Create easily a QR code for free and customize it!

Kaywa - Create a QR code for a URL, text, phone number, or SMS.

Beqrious - Select the type of QR code that you would like to create. Great site for creating a vCard.

Delivr - Create QR Codes with our QR Code Generator for URLs and more. Download a QR Code in PNG or JPG file.

Visualead - Create a QR code with an image.
Vocaroo - A great site to create an audio recording free and link the audio file to a QR code where users scan the QR code and hear the file play on their smartphone.

**QRphoria** - Create QR codes with a Liquid style. The gentle curves and diagonal connections between blobs changes a QR Code from hundreds of rectangular elements to a handful of a liquid ones.

You can make automatic QRCodes from! Just add .qrcode at end of link!

You can create QR codes that lead to your class or grade level website for convenient access via ipad/ipod.

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I found this awesome freebie that I tested in my class. My firsties LOVED it!!!!
They got to practice reading, spelling, phonograms, and handwriting independently. Check it out by clicking HERE. Great idea for weekly spelling practice and so much more!

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Check our Tammy Worcester's tip and code for creating a spreadsheet of QR codes in a Google spreadsheet.
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Click above to visit a Wiki about QR codes in education.

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